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About Us

BONA FIDE is proud to be a reliable advisor for officials, building on a deep belief in the value of our marketing and event services, reflecting the trust these entities place in us, by enhancing the image and achievements of these clients.

BONA FIDE continues to win the confidence of numerous ministers and officials, due to its early establishment of governance, recruitment of the best talent and adherence to the latest administrative and operational practices

BONA FIDE aspires to become one of the leading executive arms for leadership, ministers and officials, providing a new communication experience. We continuously keep pace with modern communication landscapes, achieving our role as an active contributor to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Originating from Riyadh, BONA FIDE was established in March 2017. Over the years, BONA FIDE has provided services to individuals and organizations, by working with Governmental, Private and Third-party sectors. Delivering services within two business streams: Event Management and Marketing Solutions, working with a team of multidisciplinary experts and nationalities. BONA FIDE has committed to developing an integrated model, through which, it has become a local standard for the brands in their field.

Our Vision

Becoming a pioneer in the marketing and event industry; anticipating the future of the sector, innovating its services & products and committing to that, by providing the best possible work experience for our clients and partners

Our Mission

Cultivate expertise and advance interactive event practices, serve better our clients and business partners, advancing local and regional standards in the industry - A New Experience in modern communication

To see how we work and experience what we’ve delivered

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Marketing Solutions