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General Entertainment Authority was looking for the right way to connect and engage with its sector in order to build suitable entertainment offerings and communicate effectively with its audience. Fortunately, they collaborated with the appropriate members to first work on a research methodology that begins with identifying the audience to build suitable surveys and measure the details in the sectors, as well as measuring the brand health as envisioned by GEA. Where can the efficiency of any communication plan and marketing activity be increased? GEA is a popular brand that deals with a nationwide audience with different demands. GEA›s responsibility is to provide suitable entertainment activities for everyone, which starts with understanding the sectors. We can conclude that there are six sectors, led by conservatives with a %23 share, with different demands and priorities than other sectors. They see the brand as the primary entity for entertainment and believe that quality of life is improving in many aspects.


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  • Public Relations & Media Exposure
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Services & Media Production

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